Makeup Mondaze - Emoji Face

Using emojis has become a language in itself. You send a heart to express your love for someone or something, you send a kiss to smooch someone and we all know what the aubergine means. 

So I decided it was time to stick emojis on my FACE since that's how I express myself most of the time on social media.

I love playing around with glitter and stickers, especially during festival season. 

You can get these from ebay here

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O M G !

In case you haven't noticed already I am totally pineapple crazed. They're just the best thing in the whole World. Their beauty inside and out never seizes to amaze me every single time I see one in the flesh. Any pineapple print and I go weak at the knees. From pineapple stationary to an oven glove, you get my jist!

So anyway the moment the news popped up on my Facebook feed that vegan leather can now be made from pineapples I freaked! I was like YOU SEEEEEE they're the best thing in the whole wide World. I love wearing leather don't get me wrong but this is just the coolest alternative to wearing leather without having a guilty conscience and also not having to sweat in PVC for the already turned vegan fashionistas. 

From what I gather, the cruelty-free alternative is made from the fibres found in pineapple leaves, making it bio-degradable. The best would be if everything made from this amazing invention also comes with the smell of pineapples. 

 I'd trade my All Saints leather jacket in for a vegan one made from PINEAPPLES any day! 

I'm sold!

Piñatex all the way! 

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Silver Rings, Silver Chokers: Current Jewellery Favourites

I go through phases of being a gold and silver girl. Anyone else? Sometimes I even mix them up! SIN I hear you say?! I just like the pirate look ok?! Haha. No but seriously, the winter time is usually when I wear my silver the most, since my hands are lovely and pale when it's cold (not!) and look better with cool tones aka. SILVER!

I thought I would share some of my current favourites since I get a fair few questions about where they're all from. I am in love with all my jewels of course but these are the rings that I've been reaching for the most in my morning getting ready daze.

Bare with me as they all have stories ! 

From the top left:

1. I bought this at a flea market for €2 in Cologne when I was visiting my boyfriend when we both lived in Germany on our Erasmus year. Total bargain and I don't know why but  I feel a bit witchy when I wear it. In a good way.

2. This is one of my all time favourite rings. I wear it on my left thumb. It's from my friends' jewellery brand: Gypsy East Jewels. It's the first time I spotted labrodite crystal. Now it's something that stands out to me all the time when I walk into crystal shops.

3. Again, this was bought at Mauermark Fleamarket in Berlin (where I lived and half of me is from, which half I'm not sure haha funny joke Mena !)
If you're ever in Berlin on a Sunday please go to Mauerpark. You won't be disappointed. There's so much food, jewellery, clothes, quirkiness and entertainment including Kareoke!
**This is not only a beautiful statement piece of jewellery hand made by an amazing jeweller but also created as part of a collection in loving memory of Jacquline Boulton where £15 will be donated to a mental illness charity. You can read more about it on the page if you click the link.

From the bottom left:

4. This was kindly given to me on my last birthday by two of my bessies. It's from Oliver Bonas and Still available to buy online here

5, 6 & 7. Are all from a boutique shop in Ibiza bought over the last few years. I love little gems on delicate silver bands although I am kind of also a lover of chunky. Depends on my mood entirely :)

The last two choker necklaces were recently very kindly sent to me by the coolest Instagram brand. I can't wait to wear my Sassy Cult chokers! They're totally fun and festival vibes.

What are you favourite rings? I'd love to see.

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Hula Hooping with Marawa's Majorettes at OnBlackheath Festival

I'm really getting in the mood for summer now. I was going through old footage the other day whilst searching my hard drive for travel pics and came across some footage from my performance at OnBlackheath festival. So I decided to turn the footage into a mini after movie.

Here it is in case you haven't yet watched it.
It was a magical weekend and the best end to an awesome summer!

Don't forget to full screen it or watch it by clicking this link

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My Top InstaTravel Moments | Hong Kong, Vietnam & Cambodia

I absolutely love looking through my travel pics and reading the captions on instagram. It really warms my heart and brings me back to some of the fondest memories of my life. So carrying on from last week's Insta Travel moments, I thought I would share with you some more of my magical adventures from my World Travels. If you scroll down far enough on my instagram you'll get to all my travel pics! I also discovered Namibia, the East coast of Australia, Bali and more.  Hopefully this can be helpful to you if you're planning on going travelling and don't know where to go, or if you're already booked the big flights and are deciding which places to visit.... or you just want to share these moments with me :)

Here are my top insta moments from in Hong Kong, Vietnam and Cambodia. 

Hong Kong - And so the weird crazy sh*t begins ...

Hong Kong - Blubber Fish

 Hong Kong - Little custard bun piggies. Oink Oink

 Hong Kong - Lantau Island - See that pale bit? Yeah that's going! Tan time is on! 

 Hong Kong, Peak Tower - something special sexy wonderful

Hong Kong, Ladies Market - Sundays...

Hong Kong - Lan Kwai Fong - Shake em (BBQ pork) buns.

Hong Kong - Exploring rooftops in the city, too fun!

 Hong Kong - Central Mid Levels - Never have I ever, seen this type of strawberry in my life

Hong Kong Island - Love this urban jungle

Hong Kong - Lantau Beach - Mena Pie, there's a pineapple on yer head! 


 River, Siem Reap, Cambodia - skipping with sweet kids 

 Siam Reap - Cambodia Little bebe in bath tub...

Angkor Wat - Cambodia - My fro can't hack this heat

Angkor Wat, Cambodia - No bra vibes

Angkor Wat, Cambodia - Real Lie Temple Run... There were moneys chasing me on the path! 

 Koh Rong Island, Cambodia - Can I eat them?

 Koh Rong, Cambodia - The sand is so white and squeaky

 Everythang, Otres Beach, Cambodia - I'm a butterfly 

 Indigo Beach - My signature hairstyle during travelling

Cambodia - Sun rays, fall on the sea waves, sparkly like diamonds of liquid

 Monkey Republic, Sihanoukville - Writing more postcards and sipping coconut wataaaa whilst waiting for coact to the capital city 

PhnomPenh City - Sight seeing today with our new friend Phillip who is the loveliest tuk tuk driver...Just been to see Wat Phnom and a few other tourist attractions... All very amazing.. BUT... I literally cannot take my mind off my friends' precious little gift that came into the World today. YAY! Contracts Ruby and Paul. can't wait to see you and the new addition. Jules and I are so excited.

 Cambodia, Siem Reap - Lazy Lionessing on Koh Rong. 

Me Mates Villa, Cambodia - Reverse o'clock with Phillip the Tuk Tuk driver 

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam - This is me doing my thing where I think I've lost my phone and frantically rummage through my bag - of course it's there... Right at the bottom.

Surng Sôt Cave, Vietnam - LET THERE BE LIGHT

Tuan Châu Island - Day 145 of travelling. Today was one of the best days. Why? Because 45 is my favourite number - wherever 45 appears in any shape or form, I know it is destined to turn out to be a good day... No matter what happens.

 Halong Bay, Vietnam - Just LICK at this view! 

 Hoi An Ancient Town, Vietnam 

Nha Tho Lon, Hanoi - Hanoi's Notre Dame 

Cheeky Quarter, Hanoi - Troi Tau - Che - Street food deliciousness of Hanoi - Black bean syrup with peanuts and grated ginger. Yum Yum

 Old Quarter, Ha Noi - I got me a new fancy dress - Meet Mena Pie-napple

 Noi Niem Vui Ton Tai - Could get used to waking up to this view but time to move on. Next Stop Tuan Chau Island.

Vietnam - Obligatory bored on coach selfie 

 Mission Vietnam Visa 

 Ho Hoan Kiem Lake - I iz just hanging in Hanoi Yo

 Pho Co (Old Quarter) Hoi An - Baguettes and Newspaper

Cha Ca Thang Long - Yummy in my Tummy

 Cura Dai Beach - Hello friends, I miss you all xxxxx

 Saigon Mini Hotel - Breakfast with a view 

 Koh Rong Island, Cambodia - Hammock, check, hut check, water buffalo in garden check. I love this place already!

Koh Rong Island - Melting, so cute! 

Riverside, Hoi An - Balancing Acts

 Hoi An Old Quarter

Cham Island off Hoi An, Vietnam - Snorkel Selfie

Cham Island - Hoi An - Cheeky Yoga posing

 An Bang Beach, Hoi An - Brooooom brooooom

Are you off on World adventures any time soon? Or would you like to go? 

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